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    JBoss Administration and Development- What a joke


      And no, I'm not referring to the download problems people seem to have. I bought this p.o.s. because I couldn't figure out why you'd pay the extra $90 for "all documents" when there don't seem to be any other docs that pertain to 3.2.x. For some crazy reason I was hoping it would explain how to configure JBoss and how to deploy your apps on it.

      Tell you what, guys- even though I'm sure it's very elegantly done, I don't give a rat's ass how the server is structured, etc. etc. etc. - I don't plan to extend it. Guess I'll slog through the forums, etc. and hope to get some real information on how to make this thing work.

      To quote the documentation page "We get the developers to directly write a professional document... No more cretins writing documentat'ion... no more poorly documented open source features."

      Really? No shit? Could've fooled me. Better give the documentation writing back to the cretins.