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    RichFaces: supported locales


      Which locales are supported? I believe that Western European languages and also Russian are supported but what about Chinese?

      As I would like to use <rich:calendar> in a very international project I would rely on the supported locales... could not find anything in the documentation...


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          We did not pick any particular locale set to support. Actually, the I18n support comes from Java and JSF, but not from RichFaces. What might be the source of the problem is javascript that in used in Calendar very intensively.
          For the testing purpose, we use the locale we are able to recognize. Unfortunately, we have nobody in our team who understand Chinese. So, this locale is not tested.

          It would be nice if somebody helps our QA team to check this issue and find the source of the limitation.

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            I know that I18n support comes from JSF but <rich:calendar> uses its own text (like month names). Where does it get the text from? Property file somewhere in the jar? Operating System?

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              It uses Locale attribute to query for those. Alternatively, user can set attibutes - weekDaylabels, monthLabels, etc.