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    Asynchronous calls to the server fail (or how to for Progres

    Marcelo Krebber Newbie

      Hi, i have been experimenting with <a4j:poll> in order to emulate smtgh like a progress bar while downloading a big file, for .ex a pdf file and run into trouble doing it. The main problem is that when i run <a4j:poll> (using exactly the same code as in the live demo, and start it, that is, the date will display each other second) and then start the pdf download thru a <h:commandLink and eventListener /> the polling just stops(!) and continues only after the pdf is done. looks to me as if only one http session is being used and it is not possible to do real asynchonous calls to the server?

      My configuration is Richfaces 3.1.1 snapshot, Myfaces 1.5, Facelets 1.2.

      any help?

      a second problem is that it is not possible to download a pdf using a rich faces call, any of <a4j:commandlink, button> etc will not work. here a <h:commandLink> will do the job. why?

      greetings. marcelo