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    How test suite works?

    sebi presecan Newbie

      Hi guys,

      Can anyone explain me how the testsuite works?
      I can go through class and read comments but this can be really timeconsuming ;).
      Is it possible to receive a quick information about the testsuite?

      Are the test run inside the container? I guess yes, how?

      Can I rely on the current implementation to develop our tests in order to check an application deployed on JBOSS?


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          Take a look at the Q/A wiki page. It's just a start, but it does provide some of the info you are looking for.

          It seems like it's not a bad idea to base your tests on the testsuite module. However, it is changing. If you get the latest code from Branch_3_2 of the jboss-3.2 cvs module, you can see where we are heading.

          The testsuite/ant161-build.xml will soon become the new build.xml. It makes use of ant 1.6 macros for things such as launching and configuring Jboss instances. See testsuite/imports/server-config.xml for the macros you may be interested in using.