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    How to run the marathon suite?

    wahyinghung Newbie

      I did a "marathon.sh" and it complained that the target "tests-reports" was not defined. I looked at build.xml and the target is really "reports". I changed that and got "${jbosstest.server.name}" not bound in test.log. So I commented out this sysproperty. Then the test ran for less than a minute and quit with an error in an ejb-jar.xml.

      What is the proper way to run the marathon testsuite successfully?

      So I tried running "build.sh tests". I wasn't sure which config I should use, so I picked the "default" on config. After starting the server, I let the tests run for maybe half an hour. During that time I saw a lot of errors went by. I was using the BEA jrockit jdk instead of the Sun jdk. I don't know if it makes a difference, or my config should be "all" in order to successfully run all the tests. Can someone shed some light on this?