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    additions to JRunit


      JRunit changes (JBQA-101)

      Added new class BenchmarkTestDriver. This class extends the normal TestDriver class and adds a listener for the benchmark results by providing an implementation for the handleRemoteDataMessage() method (which is a noop in the TestDriver class). As part of processing the results for the root test, it will print out the benchmark results to both standard output and to a file. The file will be the name of the test class being run, followed by and underscore and the word 'benchmark'. It is a txt file. For example, if running test class org.jboss.jrunit.sample.decoratedclientserver.SampleDecoratedClientServerTest, the benchmark results will be written to a file called SampleDecoratedClientServerTest_benchmark.txt.

      Also created a standalone benchmark receiver that will listen for benchmark results and write them to a file, called FileBenchmarkReceiver. It is currently setup to run a server thread until it receives its first benchmark results, then writes out the result to a file with the same name as the benchmark name, then exits.

      I have also updated the wiki docs at http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JBoss_Benchmark_jrunit.

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          Clebert Suconic Master

          I don't have a JIRA task for this, but as part of my roadmap I'm creating a AtnBenchmarkReceiver taskdef which will serialize benchmark data to database.

          Looking at build.xml from JRunit, take a look at run-SampleSimplePlainTest which has some usage.

          This will of course be documented. It's just something I'm still working on.

          Clebert Suconic