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    Introducing JSR-181 annotations


      I am going to add tests for JSR-181 annotations. This will introduce a dependency on jdk5. The jboss app server (Scott) has not yet decided how to deal with functionality that has a jdk5 dependency and is targeted for jboss-4.0.x backporting. There is talk of retroweaving, etc.

      In JBossWS, I suggest we simply ignore these portablity issues until we want to go prod in Branch_4_0 with the new implementation, at which time jdk5 might be required by Branch_4_0 as well - who knows.

      Classes that live in org.jboss.ws and org.jboss.test.ws may use jdk5 features

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          This is causing me a big headache now that my development happens on Apple, which does not have a JDK 1.5 version. Is there no other way of handling this?

          Can we fork the WS implementation for doing the annotations work?

          If not, I will have to move to a windows/linux box which is not practical for me now.

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            raxrpc-2.0, jaxb-2.0 require jdk1.5 - JBossWS is going to have a tight integration with those featues. Hence, doing parts of the jbossws work in branches does not make sense.

            The easiest solution is, to get you setup on a new box that supports jdk1.5