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    JBoss integration redesign

    Jason Greene Master

      So, the 1.0.1 release identified a problem with the current jboss integration approach. The issue is that the lifecycle of the jbossws mc beans is decoupled from that of the jmx mbeans. This not only makes it impossible for dependency handling on core jboss services, it also allows for situations where the jbossws mbeans can deploy at different times than the mc beans.

      1.0.1 demonstrates this problem because one of the mc beans requires JNDI, and since there is no dependancy on the naming service, this results in a failure if the naming service loads afterwords. This is the case for AS installer builds because the naming service is loaded in naming-service.xml (loads after all sar files).

      The solution I have in mind is to develop an mbean that boostraps the kernel in start(). We can then set the appropriate dependencies on that mbean. This also allows us to simply the deployment somewhat.