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    Stefano Maestri Expert

      Hi folks,

      long time since my last post here ;) How are you?
      I'm fine, and I'm now involved t some level in JBoss DNA development. There we need to parse wsdls to extract metadata and store them in a JSR-170 repository to analyse and query them: http://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/DNA-33
      I took a look to org.jboss.ws.metadata.builder.jaxws.JAXWSClientMetaDataBuilder in native stack, and it seems to do all I need. I have just a trouble with it since it use a URL pointing to wsdl location which is passed to ServiceMetaData and finally to WSDLDefinitionsFactory where you open an InputStream of this URL.
      Well I have an InputStream directly from JCR and I would ask if you can see some problem adding a set of methods working directly with inputStream, adding them at current classes.
      Of course, if you agree, I can manage myself the task opening a Jira Issue and committing changes on a branch.
      Do you have any problem with this idea? Am I wrong in some part?

      thanks a lot