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    errors building kernel


      Furthering my quest for knowledge of all-things jbossbuild, I'm trying to run a build of the kernel project but getting errors. So, I currently have the following four projects checked out on my filesystem:


      jbossbuild builds fine. I can successfully do a synchronize and show in kernel, so things look set up from the jbossbuild perspective (i.e. I can find all imported .xml files and my CVS/SSH environment is hooked up properly)

      I then go to kernel and "ant -f jbossbuild.xml build" and I get these errors (see below). One is a series of ZipExceptions and another is symbols not found.

      Not sure what the ZipExceptions are telling me. The missing symbols tells me its not pulling down dependencies from the repository??? Just a WAG. I was assusming I didn't need to pull down all the source for the other projects in CVS - just pull down the source I want to build and have it pull dependencies in binary form in a Maven-like style.

      IOException reading manifest: java.util.zip.ZipException: The system cannot find the path specified
      IOException reading manifest: java.util.zip.ZipException: The system cannot find the path specified
       [javac] Compiling 102 source files to C:\mazz\eclipse\projects\jbossbuild-head\kernel\output\classes\main
       [javac] C:\mazz\eclipse\projects\jbossbuild-head\kernel\src\main\org\jboss\beans\info\plugins\AbstractBeanInfo.java:15: package org.jboss.classadapter.spi does not exist
       [javac] import org.jboss.classadapter.spi.ClassAdapter;
       [javac] ^
       [javac] C:\mazz\eclipse\projects\jbossbuild-head\kernel\src\main\org\jboss\beans\info\plugins\AbstractBeanInfo.java:16: package org.jboss.joinpoint.spi does not exist
       [javac] import org.jboss.joinpoint.spi.JoinpointFactory;
       [javac] ^
       [javac] C:\mazz\eclipse\projects\jbossbuild-head\kernel\src\main\org\jboss\beans\info\plugins\AbstractBeanInfo.java:17: package org.jboss.reflect.spi does not exist
       [javac] import org.jboss.reflect.spi.ClassInfo;
       [javac] ^
       [javac] C:\mazz\eclipse\projects\jbossbuild-head\kernel\src\main\org\jboss\beans\info\plugins\AbstractBeanInfo.java:18: cannot find symbol
       [javac] symbol : class JBossObject
       [javac] location: package org.jboss.util
       [javac] import org.jboss.util.JBossObject;

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          kernel depends on container and common. You'll need both of these checked out for now.

          Really, you are a little ahead of things here. I am currently working to get jboss-head built in its current form - ie, the whole thing from source. However, what you are trying to do "should" work, so I'm happy to help.

          JBossbuild should be able to give you better error messages in this case. If an included artifact doesn't exist, it would be ideal if you recieved an error or warning saying "jboss-common.jar is included in the build path, but it does not exist".

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            The problem is that Ryan's demo was "smoke and mirrors" :-)

            The cvs checked in build scripts are not linked to the repository (note the NOT_SPECIFIED):

            <build id="jbossas"
             implvendor="JBoss Inc."
             description="JBoss Application Server"
             location="NOT SPECIFIED"

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              You should also run "ant -f jbossbuild.xml synchronize" from jbossas
              to make sure your project definition is up-to-date (which will probably checkout
              from cvs at the moment? - Ryan will know best what the current status is?)

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                Adrian's right, I was trying to show what we are trying to acheive rather than a status report on what is currently working. In the demo, I mentioned I was showing synchronize.components because synchronize was currently broken.

                Right now, I recommend not using synchronize. Most notably, it will fail when synchronizing tools, which needs a jbossbuild.xml.

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                  Also, the demo was for aop-standalone, not jbossas.