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    War deployment enhancement

    Scott Stark Master

      The webservices layer jumps through some hoops to build/enhance wars with the webservice endpoints, and Julien is saying that the portlets do something similar. I'd like to talk about what enhancement the war deployer could be supporting to make life easier for container/components derived from wars.

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          Viet Master

          is enhancing a war after it is deployed valid for this discussion ?

          the only thing it buys is that it is possible to deploy jboss portal after war containing portlet are deployed and have the war instrumented.

          today JBoss Portal does both (because of the technique it uses), but restricting to have jboss-portal.sar deployed before the war is not a big issue.

          beside that the constraint jboss portal needs from the war file are :

          1/ get the servlet context
          2/ get the classloader to load portlet classes
          3/ get the context path
          4/ get the deployment URL
          5/ copy files into the war file (automatic TLD import)
          6/ add a servlet with a class of jboss portal
          7/ add a servlet filter with a class of jboss portal

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            Scott Stark Master

            Yes, anything is open for discussion. In terms of the TLD import, we are installing a custom jsp options class to allow the shared JSF tlds to be picked up. Are you copying tlds for a similar reason?

             <!-- Use a custom options class to allow the shared tag lib descriptors
             to be loaded from jars in the tomcat sar conf/tlds directory. The
             standard options implementation can only find taglibs based on the
             class loader classpath.
             <!-- Specify the jars relative to the jbossweb-tomcat55.sar that should
             be scanned for common tag lib descriptors to include in every war
             <description>MyFaces tlds</description>

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              Viet Master

              yes but we have two points that makes it invalid :

              1/ jboss portal needs to be deployed into JBoss AS without any modification of the AS config

              2/ it needs to be done by the portal because when we port it in other appserver we cannot rely on this feature

              From the portal point of view the instrumentation provided by the application server is an SPI implementation of an interface that we define similar to :