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    How can i Deploy an application from Tomcat to Jboss????


      Hi Every one...
      I want help of u guys...because...i m stacking....to deploy an application name Login_Module1 on Jboss...it is working fine in Tomcat ....
      Structure for tomcat is

      ------two .class files
      -------two java files

      and its working fine over tomcat......
      but when i created the war file of whole package to deploy on JBoss
      using command...
      jar -cvf LoginModule.war *

      and this war file i putted into JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy/

      folder...after satrting the jboss its giving the error

      "HTTP Status 404 - /Login_Module1/servlet/hrms_user_login

      type Status report

      message /Login_Module1/servlet/hrms_user_login

      description The requested resource (/Login_Module1/servlet/hrms_user_login) is not available.
      Apache To"

      i need ur help .....i m waiting for ur response....
      thanks in advance