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    i18n dev setup

    joe hobson Newbie

      I've never done any development with i18n, but always thought it interesting. I'd like to play with creating a Nukes module with multiple language files. I'm using RedHat 8.0 / Eclipse 3M8 / Mozilla but i don't think i have anything more than English available for this OS.

      Any tips on how to setup my OS & browser to fake like i'm supposed to default to a language other than English? I'm guessing i need to add the language to the OS and then select it, and then the browser should transmit that pref in the response headers.

      ... .joe

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          joe hobson Newbie

          I'm more than a little confused by the localization/i18n stuff now. Anyone out there that knows what they're doing in this area? it's a learning experience, so i'll share what i've got....

          I'm using RedHat 8.0, so it has locale information, but it's not exactly clear how to configure it, or if the language i choose for the OS makes any difference to my web browser of choice. I set environment variables to get my OS & X11 locale to French and Spanish, but this didn't effect web viewing at all so i quit messing with it.

          It seems the MozillaFirebird 0.8 didn't have ways to configure language, so i upgraded to 0.9 because the preferences are there now. I set it to French and browsed through many websites with no problem, though they were still in English. I have yet to find a site that cares what locale i come in as (jboss.org included). I did verify that my HTTP header was sending french for the HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE variable. I guess i thought that would make the difference but it didn't.

          i took a look at the underlying code for the FAQ module, since it has properties files for french and english. Didn't see any logic in the module itself that decides which properties file to use when displaying page information so i'm assuming that's all in the Nukes core. But even though my language for my browser is set to french and the FAQ module has french localization, i still got the pages in English.

          I also noticed a user setting where you can select a language in Nukes, but that had no effect on page display in any of the modules i looked at.

          It's all pretty odd to me. I guess my assumption was that Nukes set a user's locale based on the browser's Accept_Language setting, and then sent back page displays with that localization. My guess now is that it's not an individual display, but a system-wide setting that changes the localization for all users.

          thoughts? answers? comments? thanks in advance... .joe