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    nukes cvs head compilation problem

    Boleslaw Dawidowicz Master

      I have problems with newest nukes sources

      I'v got nukes from

      cvs co nukes

      I have JAVA_HOME and PATH set for jdk1.4_08
      JBOSS_HOME pointing to jbossAS-3.2.2

      I downloaded javacc from https://javacc.dev.java.net/files/documents/17/686/javacc-3.2.zip and put in nukes/thirdparty/sun-javacc/lib/JavaCC.zip

      When running /nukes/build/build.sh I'v got:
      ~/jboss/nukes/build$ ./build.sh
      build.sh: Executing: /home/bdaw/jboss/nukes/tools/bin/ant -logger org.apache.tools.ant.NoBannerLogger
      Buildfile: build.xml
      Trying to override old definition of task property
       [echo] groups: default
       [echo] modules: common,nukes,bb,downloads,permission,news
       == Executing 'most' in module 'common'...
      Overriding previous definition of reference to javac.classpath
       [javacc] Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: COM/sun/labs/javacc/Main
      file:/home/bdaw/jboss/nukes/common/build.xml:141: java failed with return code 1
      Total time: 3 seconds

      I tried it both on WinXP and fresh installation of Ubuntu.

      Am I doing something wrong or it's the CVS code problem. Which last version could I use?

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          Boleslaw Dawidowicz Master

          ok. So I finally deployed it.

          For code from nukes cvs head:
          1) Use JavaCC.zip from JBoss Portla 2.0 thirdparty dir - it is different then


          2) Use JBoss AS 3.2.3 - in greater there are some class differences in /lib/jboss-jmx.jar

          Instructions from:

          are quite ok, but not 100% ok.
          Strange thing but I had problems with hsqldb but work fine with mysql ( I think some configuration is covered within for it...)

          And I need to call ant tasks it in such order:
          1) #nukes/build/build
          2) (all DS placement and configuration work)
          3) #nukes/distrib/build clean
          4) #nukes/distrib/build installer
          5) #nukes/distrib/build deploy-installer
          6) (installer from http)
          7) #nukes/build/build deploy-all

          I hope somebody will save some time with above...