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    Cannot enter closing brackets with German keyboard

    Heiko Selber Newbie

      After installing the JBoss Eclipse IDE (1.4.1e30), Eclipse (3.0.2 on Windows XP) stopped accepting closing brackets (square and curly).

      I.e. I cannot enter them from the keyboard, but using auto-completion when I enter the correpsonding opening brackets.

      These characters are obtained using AltGr+9 ("]") and AltGr+0 ("}") on a German keyboard.

      All Editors in Eclipse are affected (at least Java and text). Other applications are unaffected.

      Other AltGr combinations work fine, e.g. the tilde "~" (AltGr+"+").

      When I switch to the English layout, I can enter the brackets.

      Disabling the JBoss Plugin re-enables the keys, so I think it is a bug there.