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    Request for scoping option to MBeanTracker.

    Christopher Day Newbie

      The available constructors for MBeanTracker allow me to track MBeans based on the MBean class or the MBean Attributes (via a QueryExp), but not based on the MBean name. I mostly want to use XMBeans, which means that the MBean classes all appear as XMBean, so selecting by class is not much help. Also, some of my beans have no Attributes, so the QueryExp isn't helpful either. I know the specific ObjectNames or ObjectName patterns I want to track, but there is no way for me to specify them to the MBeanTracker.

      The code does not seem to need much change other than saving a scope ObjectName and using it in foundMBeanServer() instead of 'new ObjectName("*:*")' when the newly found server is queried for its Set of mbeans. Note that I can't simply override this method in a drived class since it uses various private members of MBeanTracker. Thanks.