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    Run app-client.jar from command line without ANT

    Roger Smith Newbie

      How do I run the application client (app-client.jar) from the command line without ANT? It runs fine using the ANT command mentioned in the tutorial. I want to know exact what needs to be installed on the client machine in order to connect to the server to run. Things I have tried:

      I unpacked the app-client.jar file and added its main class to the manifest. I then ran:

      java -jar app-client.jar

      The GUI displays but doesnt work and I get the following output:

      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/ebank/ejb/customer/CustomerControllerHome
       at com.sun.ebank.appclient.EventHandle.<init>(Unknown Source)
       at com.sun.ebank.appclient.BankAdmin.main(Unknown Source)

      I have also tried using the "appclient" executable that comes with the J2EE distrubtion to run the client and also had no luck. Am I missing something?

      Any help would be great as I am having trouble finding documentation outside of the J2EE tutorial and the JBOSS getting started tutorial. If you have any good documetion sources that would be great too. Thanks.