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    instrucitons for building roster application screwed up

    Michael Phoenix Newbie

      I am trying to build the roster application to test my connection to MySQL and am using this version of the getting started manual: http://docs.jboss.org/jbossas/getting_started/v4/html/cmp.html

      It gives me the following instruations:
      7.1. Building the Example

      The EJBs are packaged in two separate JAR files, one for the entity beans and one for the session bean. As before, we’ve provided an ejb-jar.xml file for each one. You don’t need a jboss.xml file for this example. All the CMP information needed to build the database schema is included in the standard descriptor. We’ll look at JBoss-specific customization later.

      To compile the code, first make sure you’re in the examples directory. Running the compile-cmp target will compile all the code in one go.

      ant -f jboss-build.xml compile-cmp

      1. There is no such file in the examples directory.

      2. There is no such file in cmproster directory.

      3. When I try to run the build.xml, I find there is no such target as compile.cmp.

      4. When I try to execute build.xml without the target, I get the following:
      C:\j2eetutorial14\examples\common\targets.xml:10: The j2ee.home property is not
      properly set in /j2eetutorial14/examples/common/build.properties.

      Set the j2ee.home property to the location of your Application Server installati

      On Windows, you must escape any backslashes in the j2ee.home property with anoth
      er backslash or use forward slashes as a path separator. So, if your Application
      Server installation is C:\Sun\AppServer, you must set j2ee.home as follows:

      j2ee.home = C:\\Sun\\AppServer



      j2ee.home is currently set to:

      Total time: 0 seconds

      Could somebsody give me some CURRENT instructions on how to build this? Is all the JBoss documentation this out of date?