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    ant build.xml for compile javassist and package .jar

    mingqin Newbie

      I make javassist source codes residing bellow directories
      C: or D:
      --javassist( (sub directory of C: or D:)
      build.xml( ant build xml)
      --src ((sub directory of javassist)
      --javassist (sub directory of src)
      --sample (sub directory of src)

      Use bellow build.xml to compile java , generate class file , html documents and package javassist.jar.
      How to do those tasks?
      Under C:\javassist
      To package javassist.jar. type " ant build"
      To generate html documents, type "ant javadoc"
      To clean up jar file and class files, type " ant clean"
      <?xml version="1.0"?>

      Shigeru Chiba


      Hope it can help javassist .