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    Remoting and JCA

    Adrian Brock Master

      I just reassigned some JCA issues to the remoting project.

      These relate to this issue which I've left in the JCA module but we
      need a remoting task to deal with most of the issue:

      The fundamental issue is that the original work to make DataSources
      available remotely was done incorrectly.

      This is not the responsibility of the resource adapter, it is the responsibility
      of the application server/jca implementation.
      It applies to all outbound deployments not just jdbc.

      The only way this can work properly is for some remoting configuration
      to be added to the jca deployment such that the "ConnectionFactory" is enhanced
      with a remote proxy and then subsequent invocations that deal with
      interface retrieval are also enhanced with a proxy as they go across the wire.
      e.g. Connection.createStatement()

      Additionally, the "connection" needs to have support for "leasing"
      which is similar to the JMS ping/pong or dead client detection requirement.
      i.e. The server must be able to tidyup after misbehaving clients/networks that don't close
      connections properly.