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    3.0.0-M2 Released

    David Lloyd Master

      Remoting 3.0.0-M2 is released. I've got the jars uploaded in a ZIP file, but you'll want to check out the project and look in the "samples/" for (a pitiful few) samples of using the standalone API. The Microcontainer integration is scheduled for M3, so standalone is pretty much all that you can really play with at the moment. Report bugs in JIRA as "found in: 3.0.0-M2" and "fix for: 3.0.0-M3" to make sure I see them.

      This release means that the API is getting close to stable. I want to roll quickly to the next release, so I've set an aggressive date for M3 - just one month away. We need to get a final release out there as soon as possible.