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    How to run Application Clients Container

    sdelayre Newbie

      The J2EE specs states that :
      "Application clients are first tier client programs that execute in their own Java™ virtual machines. Application clients follow the model for Java technology-based applications: they are invoked at their main method and run until the virtual machine is terminated. However, like other J2EE application components, application clients depend on a container to provide system services. The application client container
      may be very light-weight compared to other J2EE containers, providing only the security and deployment services described below

      Application servers such as Websphere offer a mean to launch such an application with a custom bat ou sh program that initialise the VM with the application-client.xml file contained in the client ear file : how do one achieve this using JBoss ?
      The JBoss documentation only talks about web container application is this the only possible client of jboss server components ?