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    How to define content type


      I'm trying to figure out how to set the content-type of the http response from within a module method. What I'd like to do is to allow a user to download a file (octet-stream). Is this possible to do with the Page-object or should I do it in another way?

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          you have to use the getResource method and override it.
          take a look at mp3player it is doing that actually.


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            Thanks - that made a lot of things clearer! :)


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              Hi again! Now I have another problem that you might be able to solve (hopefully). I need to access some objects stored as session attributes from the getResource method. How do I accomplish that?

              If it is not possible to access the session attributes, is there any other way to pass temporary objects to the getResource method?


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                you are right, it is not possible now, we have to think about it. Maybe we could pass the HttpServletRequest to the getResource method.

                do you have an idea ? I am a bit in refactoring stuff these days :-)


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                  I think that passing the HttpServletRequest object is just fine! :)


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                    I my movement to refactorise stuff, I slightly changed the way resource are handled.

                    On component support there are two methods :

                    public void getResource(ResourceRequest req, ResourceResponse resp) {
                    String id = req.getPath();
                    Resource res = manager.get(id);
                    if (res == null)
                    res = getResource(id);
                    manager.add(id, res);

                    public Resource getResource(String path) { // like before }

                    you can overrride the getResource a-la-servlet and get all the info you want from the request. To give the resource to nukes, use the setResource on the response.

                    I added a resource manager on the components so when a component is stopped it stops all the streaming resources at the same time. For instance a client listening for an mp3 being streamed will se the connection close when the mp3 player module is removed from nukes.