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rich:menuItem action attribute does not work

Dumitru Andrei Newbie


A have a simple navigation rule that should get me to another page in my app when a menuItem from the dropDownMenu is selected. This does not work and i really don't know what is wrong because my navigation rule is ok i'm sure.

<rich:dropDownMenu submitMode="none">
<rich:menuItem value="option1" submitMode="server" action="goToSomewhere" />
<rich:menuItem value="option2" submitMode="server" action="#{bean.goToSomewhere}" />

none of these actions work, the bean method does not even get called and i don't know why.

I have tried the example from the live-demo, that worked but i'm not looking for an external link, i want to navigate to a page inside my app with
some custom action determined from a methodExpression.

Please help,