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    No such attribute t0_u.pn_umode

    Andreas Newbie

      Hi there.
      Just started using nuke.
      After sourcing the postgres ddl files and seting up the DataSource nuke would not let me login as admin/admin, but instead spit out the following log clipping:

      03:48:13,112 DEBUG [ThreadPool] Getting new thread data
      03:48:13,124 DEBUG [UserEJB#findByUserName] Executing SQL: SELECT t0_u.pn_uid, t0_u.pn_uname, t0_u.pn_user_regdate, t0_u.pn_user_viewemail, t0_u.pn_name, t0_u.pn_email, t0_u.pn_femail, t0_u.pn_url, t0_u.pn_timezone_offset, t0_u.pn_user_avatar, t0_u.pn_user_icq, t0_u.pn_user_aim, t0_u.pn_user_yim, t0_u.pn_user_msnm, t0_u.pn_user_from, t0_u.pn_user_lang, t0_u.pn_user_occ, t0_u.pn_user_intrest, t0_u.pn_user_sig, t0_u.pn_bio, t0_u.pn_pass, t0_u.pn_theme, t0_u.pn_umode, t0_u.pn_uorder, t0_u.pn_thold, t0_u.pn_noscore, t0_u.pn_commentmax, t0_u.pn_last_visit, t0_u.pn_prev_last_visit, t0_u.pn_question, t0_u.pn_answer FROM nuke_users t0_u WHERE (t0_u.pn_uname = ?)
      03:48:13,129 DEBUG [UserEJB#findByUserName] Find failed
      java.sql.SQLException: ERROR: No such attribute t0_u.pn_umode

      I guess that I need kompare the mysql and postgres ddl files from /nukes/resources



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          Johannes Weidl-Rektenwald Newbie


          Use the below create table statement and it will work. This is a bug in the initially submitted postgres scripts.


          CREATE TABLE nuke_users (
          pn_uid INTEGER DEFAULT NEXTVAL('nuke_users_pn_uid_seq') PRIMARY KEY,
          pn_uname VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL,
          pn_user_regdate TIMESTAMP NOT NULL,
          pn_user_viewemail BOOLEAN NOT NULL DEFAULT TRUE,
          pn_name VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_email VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_femail VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_url VARCHAR(254) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_timezone_offset INTEGER NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
          pn_user_avatar VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'blank.gif',
          pn_user_icq VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_user_aim VARCHAR(18) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_user_yim VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_user_msnm VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_user_from VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_user_lang INTEGER NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
          pn_user_occ VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_user_intrest VARCHAR(150) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_user_sig VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_bio TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_pass VARCHAR(40) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_theme VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_umode VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_storynum INTEGER NOT NULL DEFAULT 10,
          pn_uorder SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
          pn_thold SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
          pn_noscore BOOLEAN NOT NULL DEFAULT false,
          pn_commentmax INTEGER NOT NULL DEFAULT 4096,
          pn_last_visit TIMESTAMP NOT NULL DEFAULT '1974-09-21 00:00:00',
          pn_prev_last_visit TIMESTAMP NOT NULL DEFAULT '1974-09-21 00:00:00',
          pn_question TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          pn_answer TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT ''

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            Andreas Newbie

            Thank you.
            Found also your scripts for the bb - verry useful.