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    Help to run the program nukes on jboss

    sroger Newbie

      I download the file jboss-3.2.3_nukes-1.0.0RC1.zip, but I don't know like executing the program, please, somebody can explain to me like running Nukes On Jboss. I execute the file run.bat in the directory bin, and soon I place the direction http://localhost:8080 and http://localhost:8080/nukes but does not leave anything. Excuse my ingles, Thanks...

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          It may be best to work with a nightly snapshot, rather than RC1.

          What database are you using? MySQL, Hypersonic? Postgres support is incomplete at the moment. No other DDL for database creation is available right now.

          Did you create a database and create the tables etc by executing the various nukes ddl scripts?

          Did you end up with a nukes.ear in the default/deploy directory?

          With all this done, then you can run jboss/bin/run.

          http://localhost:8080/nukes should now work.

          You need to create a default/nukes directory. If you did a build most in the build directory, you will have a lot of module SARs in the various ${module}/output/lib directories, which you can deploy to default/nukes by running ${module}/build deploy.

          Your English is fine....