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    styling modalpanel

    Ricardo Marques Novice

      Hi fellows

      I'm giving my first steps on richfaces and i'm facing a CSS problem. I've read the docs but I still don't get it how a specify a style to a modalpanel.

      my CSS:

      .errorPanel {
       background-color: #eaeff2;
       border: 1px solid #c8d4db;

      JSF code:

      <rich:modalPanel id="#{id}" top="150" height="250" width="325"
       rendered="#{messageBean.errorCount gt 0}"
       resizeable="false" styleClass="errorPanel">

      I've tried with style and styleClass but the resukt is the same, i also tried to redifine modalPanel CSS base classes, but i only want to change style on this component only.

      How this rich style works? Can u point some directions?

      Thank sin advance!