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    theme portlet

    Rali Genova Novice

      I saw some strange behaviour of the themes this morning. Portal 2.4 (CR2) has the Theme portlet at the bottom of the Test page, and if two different users are logged in at the same time, one can change the theme from there and it persists across all users. This seems a little illogical and unnecessary. On the other hand, if a user specifies a theme within his profile, it remains constant, even if someone else changes the theme from the portlet.

      Maybe we should remove the portlet, or secure it? Although I don't see the use of Admins changing on a whim the theme for poor users, who still have 'Site Default' in their profile - imagine the confusion if your favorite theme changes one day, just because your portal admin decided purple is the new summer color.


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          James Cobb Newbie

          Users should never be able to change the themes for others. Only admins should do that.

          I think the admin should have the ability to globally change the themes. There may be some instances where the admin abuses this power but I think the vast majority won't use it on a "whim". I see it as a necessary tool to control your brand.

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            Rali Genova Novice

            Brand Conrol is a very good use, but the users are selecting their theme from a finite 'controlled' set of choices, that I would assume as brand compliant (if you could put it that way). But yes, we need to secure this portlet for the Final release for sure.