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    DataScroller reset the current page

    m m Newbie


      I try to explian my problem, sorry if you don't understand I'm bad in English.

      I've got a table with a datascroller to multipages.
      They are 10 lines per pages.

      In my table I've got a button to delet one line (on delete I rerender the table and the datascroller)

      If I've got 11 records and I go to the second page with the datascroller, I see 1 line.

      Then if I delete this line, i've got 10 records so 1 page.

      The datascroller show me 1 page, but it was on the page 2 so the table show no line.

      What can i do to reset the datascroller and redirect it to the first page ?

      Thks and sorry for my bad English.