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    Eviction and buddy backup regions

    Brian Stansberry Master

      I don't think we handle evicting stuff from the buddy backup region very well. Looking at the code, all nodes under _BUDDY_BACKUP_ will be evicted based on the _default_ region settings, unless the user was really savvy (and anal) and configured parallel eviction regions, one for the main tree and one for each possible buddy.

      Logically, if I say I want maxNodes=10000 in the /foo region, I'd want the main tree and all the buddy backup trees factored into the calculation.

      Haven't looked at this in too much depth, but imagine this could be handled in the RegionManager.getRegion() impl. Do the search as it is now; if it only finds the _default_ region and the Fqn is under /_BUDDY_BACKUP_/xxxx, repeat the search with the child fqn.