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    cannot create run/debug configuration - missing server in dr

    mazz Master

      Using the latest 2.0.0.alpha1.

      I created and am using the new way to define my JBoss Server (using the Server view, I can see my server and I can start/stop it).

      However, I like the way of creating run and debug configurations so I can start my Jboss server from that mechanism. So, in the debug configuration dialog window, I see there is now "Generic Server" and "Generic Server (External Launch)". I create one - but in the Server tab's Server drop down, I just have an empty list. I would assume the JBoss Server that I created (the one that shows up in the Server view) would also appear here in this drop down. Is that the way it is supposed to work and this is just not implemented yet or am I misunderstanding this "Generic Server" configuration stuff?