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    possible bug when adding .js file to a folder



      Version: 2.0.0.CR2
      Build id: R200901291303
      Build date: 01/29/2009 13:22

      I added a .js file to a new folder in my view folder (i.e. view/testJQuery) for my Seam project.

      After I added the file (copy from Window explorer) and then refreshed the view folder in JBDS, all the sub-folders inside the view folder now have an orange background with "JS" on them. Now I can't see the files that I added but they do exist when I do a CTRL_SHFT_R to open the file.

      This is very strange. It got "fixed" when I closed and re-opened JBDS but I was able to reproduce it.

      Is this a known Eclipse or JBoss Tools bug? thx.