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    How to get ICEFaces JSF library into WAR archive

    Andre Bickford Newbie


      First off, let me say I can't wait to roll JBoss AS and JBoss tools out to the rest of my development team. I know it's going to be a welcome relief after suffering with OC4j for too long.

      We use a JSF framework called ICEFaces for our web app. ICEFaces provides an Eclipse plugin that results in a JSF Library being created that we can then add to our project build path. If I Export the project to a WAR file, the ICEFaces libraries get placed into WEB-INF/lib automatically. I believe this is because they are checked under 'J2EE Module Dependencies' in the project properties.

      What magic can I do to a JBoss Tools WAR Archive fileset that results in the same behavior? That is, how can I modify the WAR fileset so the ICEFaces libraries are copied into WEB-INF/lib? Currently this is not happening so the web app won't run. Here's a screenshot of how we access the ICEFaces libraries when we want to add them to the build path:


      We're using JBoss 5.0.1 and Eclipse 3.4.2.