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    first experiences with JBossWS: no serializer found


      I modified our test WS to get deployed on JBoss 4.0 using ws4ee coming from JBoss-3.2 with jboss-net.
      The deployment works now, but I get a runtime exception when the response contains an array of a custom class.

      I've put the java-xml-type-mapping to an jaxrpc-mapping.xml but no success.
      The at deployment time generated wsdd-file only contains the type mapping for the returned class, not for the custom classes used within this.
      example class for the return type:
      - orderId
      - customerId
      - CustomerOrderPosition[] positions
      If positions is null I get a correct response, but if positions is not null, then I get an Exception:
      java.io.IOException: No serializer found for class biz.mbisoftware.fn.wstypes.sales.CustomerOrderPosition in registry org.apache.axis.encoding.TypeMappingImpl@63f6ea

      Generating the java-xml-type-mapping with JWSDP 1.4 from wsdl file didn't help either.

      JBoss is current checkout of jboss-head from cvs.