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    JBossWS question for intro lab

    Thomas Diesler Master

      Pascal wrote:

      I built a lab on the basis of the cvs point you indicated to me.

      I have some points to be confirmed :
      - the WS deployment URL is
      http://localhost:8080/{JAR_FILE_NAME}/Service ; it does not take in
      account the URL in the wsdl. Bug or I missed something ?
      - jaxrpc-mapping.xml, webservices.xml, OrganizationEndpoint,
      OrganizationEndpointService : they are source files. That's the way I
      present them for the moment in the lab. You don't plan to make them
      generated ?

      Thanks for your help.


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          Thomas Diesler Master

          Hi Pascal,

          in a server side ws deployment the soap address in the wsdl is random and will be determined by the server at deploytime.

          A client side deployment must of course point to a valid ws endpoint.

          None of the files you list are generated.

          The normal procedure for server side ws is to go from the service endpoint interface (SEI) to the wsdl. To generate the wsdl please promote wscompile that is part of the JWSDP instead of java2wsdl that comes with Axis. If people still like to use Axis's java2wsdl, they should use the latest not the one that is part of axis-ws4ee.jar (which is an outdated axis-1.1 version).

          For client side deployments, don't generate stubs that depend on a particular implementation - they are not portable. A wsdl2java tool should only generate pojos (they are portable)