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    navigate trough pages

    Daniel Daniel Newbie

      Hello. I am in a portal environment. I have a search form. When i click on the search button the search results appears on the same page. I rerender an id. My problem is how can i change the page that is shown in the portlet. So now let's say i have loaded in my portlet the page : search.jspx. I click on the search button. In the same page the results are shown. Now under the resulttable i have a link, an button : next page that calls nextpage.jspx. How can i achieve this ?

      I've tried something like this :
      <h:commandButton action="nextpage" value="Next page"/>



      When i click the button i get : request cannot be null

      But this method does not produce an Ajax request. I need something that calls the next page using ajax.