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    WS-Eventing and subscription expiration time

    Alessio Soldano Newbie

      We implemented a ws-eventing application that receives subscription messages to our service from our customers; we found that the max expiration time accepted by jbossws is 10 minutes (MAX_LEASE_TIME) after the current date; moreover subscriptions with indefinite lifetime (ie. without wse:Expires tag) are not supported. We know that ws-eventing specification states that the event source defines the actual expiration and is not constrained to use a time less or greater than the requested expiration, however we think that you should not throw an InvalidExpirationTimeException when an expiration time beyond 10 minutes from now is requested. Is there a reason I don't know for chosing 10 minutes for that constant? What about the opportunity of using your MAX_LEASE_TIME value whenever an expiration time too much in the future is received? It would be a great help for us to have MAX_LEASE_TIME and DEFAULT_LEASE provided as config parameters by the user. This would prevent a lot network traffic since less renew messages (and responses) would be sent.
      Thank you
      Alessio Soldano