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    base64Binary:   jbossws client serialize problem

    Victor Batista Newbie

      I am using JBoss 4.0.4 with jbossws 1.0.3GA. I am developing a WS DII client which talks with a third party Web Service. I am having problems serializing one field which is specified as "base64Binary" on the WSDL:

       <xsd:complexType name="BinaryData">
       <xsd:element name="data" type="xsd:base64Binary"
       <xsd:element name="mimeType" type="xsd:string"
       <xsd:element name="URL" type="xsd:string" nillable="true"/>
       <xsd:element name="removeOnUpdate" type="xsd:boolean"

      The "data" field should be sent as a Base64 String. Although, the Request SOAP message has the following data:

       <ns1:data xmlns:ns1="urn:drm/ingest-ex/IngestService/SchemaTypes">
       <ns1:URL xsi:nil="1"/>

      I have implemented a client using jboss.net (org.jboss.axis...) and I have the same problem.

      I have implemented a standalone client using axis (org.apache.axis...) and I can call the Web Service correctly. The Request SOAP message contains:

      < data>
       < data>j/4AAQSkZ.....</data>
       < mimeType>image/gif</mimeType>
       < URL xsi:nil="true"/>
       < removeOnUpdate>false</removeOnUpdate>
      < /data>

      In this case, the "data" field is correctly encoded as a Base64 String.

      Am i missing any configuration with jbossws? What must I do to have the correct behavior?

      Any help would really be appreciated.
      Thanks in advance,
      Victor Batista