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    Wrong incomming SOAP not intercepted

    Y E Newbie

      Could someone please tell me does JBoss enforce the restrictions put in the wsdl and how?
      I have WS that runs under JBoss. In my wsdl I put a restriction on one of the elements to make sure that it's always present in the request:

      <element name='mailbox' nillable='false' minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1" type='string' />

      I was expecting that in the unlikely event this element is missing from the request, this will be intercepted and an appropriate SOAP exception will be thrown, without me having to do anything.

      The debug shows, though, that that's not the case.
      The request is accepted and sent for processing, which of course fails, as there's missing information.

      Do I need to do additional validation or am I right to think that JBoss should enforce the restrictions itself?