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    context-root in jboss.xml

    gum naam Newbie

      I have a following EAR setup.

      `myWeb.war (ctx root set to /myWeb in application.xml of ear)
      `SLSB EJB3s (also exposed as WS).

      I want to override the default context root for my Web Services.
      So in my jboss.xml for (myEjb.jar) I have
      inside the jboss->webservices node.

      But this doesn't seem to be working, the WSDLs are published at

      I don't want to use the @WebContext, I would rather specify the context-root in jboss.xml , but it is not working.

      Any clues ? Also can the context-root be any thing arbitrary , or does it need to have some connection, with the deployed web application's (in my case myWeb.war) context root ?