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    resource injection in WS handler not working in jboss JAX-WS

    actonwang Newbie


      I tried to use resource injection in WS Handler as described in JAX-WS spec which is a MUST feature.

      I tested it in both Sun impl and Jbosss JAX-WS 2.0.x with Jboss 4.2.2. It is working well in Sun impl but not working in JBoss WS.

      here is the simple test. I am using web war as deployement, inside web.xml, I have the following:

      <env-entry-value>Path1: $PATH_INFO, Outbound: $MESSAGE_OUTBOUND_PROPERTY - $NODE</env-entry-value>

      inside DefaultCustomLoggingWrapperHandler class, I have:

      private String customFormat = null;


      It is never gets injected with this value no matter what I tried.

      Anyone could help to explain if jboss WS has implemented it or not? If it is implemented, how should we make it work?

      Thanks a lot!!