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    Loading a file into an InputStream within webservice code



      I have a webservice I have created, and it works fine.

      However, I am now wanting to load a file (xslt file in my case), to pass it through to Xalan for transformation.

      However... I do not know how to load the file.

      The main issue I am having, is I don't know where the file should be...

      I am currently using getResourceAsStream() function... is this correct?:

      InputStream loInputXSLT = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/xslt/file.xslt");

      Class is defined as the following:
      @WebService(name = "MyWeb", serviceName = "MyWeb")
      public class MyWeb implements MyWebRemote {

      I am also using the seam framework, but I don't think this is a seam specific question, so I am asking it here :)