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    Help with authMethod and security after JBoss501 upgrade


      I'm upgrading from 422 to 501 and I'm having security related issues which I'll explain below.

      I have a legacy webservice I expose in the following way.

      @WebService(name = "MyWebService", targetNamespace = "http://my.services.web", serviceName = "MyWebServiceName")
      @WebContext(contextRoot = "/MyEar", transportGuarantee = "NONE", authMethod = "NONE")
      @SOAPBinding(parameterStyle = SOAPBinding.ParameterStyle.WRAPPED, style = SOAPBinding.Style.DOCUMENT, use = SOAPBinding.Use.LITERAL)
      public final class MyWebServiceBean {
       public final String doStuff() {
       return "i've done stuff";

      In 501 this all deploys ok and I can see the wsdl in the jbossws console.

      However when I try to call the webservice from my test harness, I get a 403 forbidden at the client and the following in the logs:

      10:32:14,657 DEBUG [MapperListener] Handle jboss.web:type=RequestProcessor,worker=http-,name=HttpRequest1 type : JMX.mbean.registered
      10:32:14,766 TRACE [SecurityRolesAssociation] Setting threadlocal:{}
      10:32:14,766 TRACE [JaccContextValve] MetaData:org.jboss.metadata.web.jboss.JBossWebMetaData@1f:principalToRoleSetMap{}
      10:32:14,766 DEBUG [AuthenticatorBase] Security checking request POST /MyEar/MyWebServiceBean
      10:32:14,766 DEBUG [RealmBase] Checking constraint 'SecurityConstraint[/MyWebServiceBean]' against POST //MyWebServiceBean --> true
      10:32:14,782 DEBUG [AuthenticatorBase] Calling hasUserDataPermission()
      10:32:14,782 DEBUG [RealmBase] User data constraint has no restrictions
      10:32:14,828 TRACE [JBossAuthorizationContext] Control flag for entry:org.jboss.security.authorization.config.AuthorizationModuleEntry{org.jboss.security.authorization.mo
      10:32:14,844 DEBUG [AuthenticatorBase] Calling authenticate()
      10:32:14,844 DEBUG [[/MyEar] User authentication is not required
      10:32:14,844 DEBUG [AuthenticatorBase] Calling accessControl()
      10:32:14,844 DEBUG [RealmBase] Checking roles null
      10:32:14,860 DEBUG [RealmBase] No user authenticated, cannot grant access
      10:32:14,860 TRACE [JBossWebRealm] hasResourcePerm:RealmBase says:false::Authz framework says:false:final=false
      10:32:14,860 DEBUG [AuthenticatorBase] Failed accessControl() test
      10:32:14,860 TRACE [SecurityRolesAssociation] Setting threadlocal:null
      10:32:14,860 TRACE [SecurityRolesAssociation] Setting threadlocal:null

      The parts of the logging above that stand out to me are,

      [/MyEar] User authentication is not required


      [RealmBase] No user authenticated, cannot grant access

      ...and these seem at odds with each other.

      I've tried setting @SecurityDomain to "" and that didn't make any difference.

      Note that my stateless bean is within an ejb3 jar within an ear. The ear has a custom security-domain declared in the jboss-app.xml.

      Does anyone have any suggestions, I need to web service to ideally work as before, changing the clients would have to be a last resort.