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    Any way to call a model setter just before a jsp:include is


      I'm struggling with the limitations of passing parameters to a jsp:included page. It's not really workable to use jsp:param. So, I'm trying to figure out if it's possible and meaningful for me to somehow cause a setter method on my backing bean to be called just before a jsp:include, so when the jsp:include is processed, I can call the getter inside the included page so my behavior can vary. My main page needs to include the included page multiple times, with a parameter value varying on each include.

      At this time, I'm only on JSF 1.1. I believe when/if I move to JSF 1.2, I could use ordinary c:set operations to set the property to be read in the included page.

      All of this is dependent on the assumption that each instance of the included page is processed one-by-one and not all at the same time. If have a setter just before the include, the getter call in the include has to get that value.

      This set of ideas may be based on misconceived notions of how JSF works internally, but I'm just trying to find a solution to my design problem.