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    J2EE Development Tools


      Hey all,
      I wanna know what IDE you use for development. I'm trying to find something more like a RAD tool. I know there's not an all-inclusive super RAD tool yet for J2EE, but I'd like to keep looking anyway.
      What dev tools have you had the most success with on JBOSS?
      All comments are welcome!

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          I am using Websphere Studio Application Developer 5.0, which is based on Eclipse 2.0.1.

          You can get the free Eclipse, set JBoss up, and then debug inside JBoss.


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            I would rather say, that Eclipse IS THE tool to use for Java development.
            Try this links:

            You can find lots of plugins for Eclipse that will make your life easier. Plus Eclipse has the best CVS support I have seen.

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              for wonderfully easy J2EE deployement,

              use ECLIPSE (www.eclipse.org) for coding, ANT (jakarta.apache.org/ant) for building and deploying, and XDOCLET (xdoclet.sourceforge.net) for managing deployment descriptors. I have found this combination of tools to make J2EE development and deployment easier than magic from a tools perspective. There can also be found ANT plugins for ECLIPSE so that you can deploy directly from your IDE.


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                Thanks your post, I am trying to set up ECLIPSE as my development environment so that I can start learning how to develop J2EE application. I also follow the link (http://www.purposesolutions.com/Resources/EclipseJ2EE.html) you posted earlier on how to set up Eclipse.

                The document is great, but it seems a little outdated. I especially have difficulty setting up standalone tomcat 4.1.12 and have it communicate with JBoss 3.0.4. Can you kindly post another JBoss How To article similar to "How to configure Apache HTTP Server 2.0.42 to communicate with JBoss 3.0.3"

                Also, can you explain to me what are the pros and cons using standalone Tomcate + JBoss instead of JBoss/Tomcat bundle?

                Thanks a lot

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                  I know of no benefit you may gain from running tomcat as a standalone, save perhaps for possibility that you have some reason to use a version of tomcat that is newer than newest available version bundled for JBoss. This is probably not the case for you, so I would suggest simply downloading the JBoss/Tomcat bundle and moving forward in your efforts to learn J2EE without being concerned with the JBoss/Tomcat integration process.

                  If for whatever reason you are interested in performing this integration, I will put together a procedural guide to be included in my next HowTo document.


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                    Thanks for you quick reply. It makes sense.