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    TemplateAndExamples.zip Versions

    thilker Newbie


      There are two free documentations:
      1. JBoss.3.0QuickStart.pdf (draft)
      2. jboss-QuickStart-30x.pdf

      I wonder if there are two versions of the TemplateAndExamples.zip file too.

      Because the final version of the documentation
      (jboss-QuickStart-30x.pdf) does not seem to fit
      to the TemplateAndExamples.zip file I have here.
      (The directory structure differs from the documentation, Junit is mentioned in the doc. but not in the file, etc)

      So my question is:
      Is there a new version of the TemplateAndExamples.zip file which fits to the final documentation and where to get it?