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    Project Status


      Hi, can somebody post the current status of this project and who is involved/leading etc.


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          Hi, I'm leading the effort. At the moment we're in the initial design stages and hope to have an initial version out next year. If you've any requests or comments (better yet, based on experiences), feel free to post them here.

          All the best,


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            Hi Mark

            Are the intiial designs taking place behind the scenes etc, ? I couldn't find anything on the Wiki and this is the only design/dev forum. Are there any source skeletons available online or in the CVS tree ?


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              At the moment I'm in the process of coming up to speed (having just joined JBoss), which includes background reading, checking what-is-what and where things are, and making some preliminary design notes based on my own experiences. Once I'm happy that all of this is at a sufficient position to allow me to drive this project, I'll post an update here - hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Finding my feet is taking longer than I'd expected!