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    slow startup


      For the application we are developping, the startup time increased wuite a lot with the move to EJB3. With cmp2.1 it used to take about 2 minutes for our jboss instance to start (it has approx 100 beans, with the war, reports etc combined to approx 18MB ear).

      With EJB3 this first increased to 3 minutes, and now (with RC4 PFD) it increased even more to just under 4 minutes.

      Some simple profiling shows me that about 25% of the startup time is spent in the org.jboss.aop.util.ReflectToJavassist.methodToJavassist call.

      Is there a way to speed this up?
      Are there things that can be done to make the startup faster?

      It would be very practical if this could be a bit faster (during development for testing etc).


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          I don't have time for this release, I'll focus some on performance in the next:


          In the meantime, if you have the initiative, we'd be happy to accept any patches. Enough patches garners you CVS access too...

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            BTW, how have you installed things? The ReflectToJavassist should only be used in the JDK 1.4 version of JBoss AOP which comes with JBoss 4.0.x by default. How did you install JBoss and EJB3? It looks like you're not using the JDK5 version.

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              I am using JBoss 4.0.4RC1 in a modified default/slimmed configuration.
              Based from a zip with the ejb3 stuff thrown in there.
              It has got the jboss-aop-jdk50 directory deployed.
              I only removed some jars from the ejb3.deployer as they already existed in lib.

              Everything is working, so I don't think I miss anything. Just the startup is slow.

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                Ok, that helps alot...