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    Message Driven POJO in Embedded

    Andrig Miller Apprentice

      I am trying to deploy a Message Driven POJO into the Embedded EJB3 container. I am getting the following exception:

      ERROR 11-05 15:44:32,450 (AbstractController.java:incrementState:350) -Error installing to Start: name=jboss.j2ee:jar=EJB3ServicesEJB,name=ReplenishmentProcessorBean,service=EJB3 state=Create
      javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: DefaultJMSProvider not bound

      At first, I didn't have the DefaultDS defined, because I had changed it in embedded-jboss-beans.xml to my MySQL database, and changed the name, so I thought that was it. I added the DefaultDS that the DefaultJMSProvider is setup to use, but it didn't have any affect.

      I have the jboss-jms-beans.xml from the Alpha 6 release unmodified in my classpath, and it seems to have everything I need in it. I don't have the specific destination configured in it though, as I was assuming that it would create it for me, like the app. server does. Although, based on the error it doesn't seem to be that far into the deployment.

      Any thoughts on what I can try would be greatly appreciated.