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    Refresh page after modelpanel display

    neil fraser Newbie

      I've got a page which pops up a modelpanel which allows the user to enter some data and saves back to the backing bean when the user clicks 'save' on the panel.
      The panel then closes to pass control back to the original page.
      This is working fine. However I would then like the original page to refresh by calling the backing bean to get the new data and all other data on the main page.
      The main page basically consists of a panelgrid as follows :-
      <h:panelGrid binding="#{eventBean.eventPanelGrid}" />
      Therefore I'd like eventBean.getEventPanelGrid to fire when the modalpanel closes and control returns to the main form.

      I've tried to force the main page to resubmit to update iself by putting a submit in the modalpanel 'onhide' as follows, but this doesn't cause a submit (ie the backing method isn't called.

      <rich:modalPanel id="panel" width="600" height="200"

      So in a nutshell, how can I force the original page to reload from its backing bean after the modalpanel it pops up is closed?

      I can't just pass the data from the modelpanel to the main page at the client side, because the backing bean does some manipulation on it.

      I'm using 3.1.3GA